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St. Augustine Composite Squadron (SER-FL-173)

Maj Melton


Major Major Melton (Aubrey) e-mail

Duty Positions:
- Squadron Commander
- Aerospace Education Officer

Commander's Biography

Residence: St Augustine, FL

Major (Maj) Gne (Aubrey) Melton was born and raised in Gainesville, FL. He is a graduate of the University of Florida. He served in the USAF for 4 years during the Vietnam Conflict and was stationed in Germany with the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing.

After graduating from UF, Maj. Melton worked for General Electric, Battery Products Division, Advance Engineering Laboratory for 5 years. For the next 5 years he was employed at the Harbor Branch Foundation (HBF)as a Submersible Pilot/Diver exploring the coast of Florida and the Bahamas to depths of 1000 feet. While at HBF he earned his Commercial Instrument Multi-Engine Pilot rating. He left HBF to work as an engineer for United Space Boosters, Inc. at Kennedy Space Center on the Solid Rocket Motor Recovery Team for STS-1 to STS-50. While at KSC he earned his Flight Instructor ratings for Single and Multi-Engine aircraft.

The Super-Conducting Super Collider south of Dallas Texas called and for 3 years he worked as a Systems Engineer until the project was shut down. Returning back to Florida, Maj Melton worked in construction as Project Manager, Project Engineer, and Quality Control while designing a dive computer and rebreather that would allow a diver to dive to 600 feet. He continues to build dive computers and rebreathers on a part time basis, dedicating most of his time to he Civil Air Patrol.

In his 5 years as a CAP member, he has staffed 5 encampments, attended Florida Wing and CAP National Aerospace Education Officer conferences as well as CAP other events., Maj. Melton has completed Mission Pilot Training at the National Emergency Services Academy and is a Ranger graduate of the Pennsylvania Wing summer and winter programs. In March 2014, Maj. Melton assumed command of the St.Augustine Composite Squadron.

Maj Aviles

Maj Maj Avilés (Ralph) e-mail

Duty Positions:
- Deputy Commander for Seniors
- Administrative Officer
- Information Technology Officer


Residence: Julington Creek Plantation, St. Johns, FL

Major (Maj) Ralph Avilés is originally from Brooklyn, NY where he was born. However, Major Aviles lived most of his young life in Puerto Rico where he grew up and attended K-12 school. Then, few years later, and half way through college, Major Aviles decided to moved back to the United States to finish his college degree.

He first joined CAP in 2006 where he became the Aerospace Education Officer for then-St Augustine Senior Squadron. He currently holds a technician rating in Aerospace Education. In December 2008, under the guidance of a newly formed Squadron Staff, Avilés was requested to serve as Deputy Commander which he served until January 2009 before accepting the appointment of Commander, which he served until March 2014 after completing his tour of duty. Maj Avilés now serves the sqaudron as the Deputy Commander for Seniors.

As Commander, Avilés set up the goal to start a Cadet Program and transform the Senior Squadron to a Composite Squadron. Under his direction, and with the assistance of the Squadron Staff, the squadron officially became the St Augustine Composite Squadron on 05 June 2009. Few weeks later in June 25, 2009 Maj Avilés became the first Commander of the newly formed St Augustine Composite Squadron.

Major Avilés is also a Professional Development Officer and Testing Officer, and has completed the requirements for General Emergency Services (GES), Skills Evaluator (SET), and OPSEC (OPS) achievements.

Outside the Civil Air Patrol, Avilés is an Aerospace Engineer for Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), at the Aerial Refueling Systems (ARS) FST where he served as the Lead Engineer. As Lead Engineer Avilés has provided engineering assistance to Navy S-3B, F/A-18E/F, and KC-130 tanker aircraft which provide air-to-air refueling to other US and allied aircraft. He has also served as the Reliability and Maintainability Panel Chair for Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG) International, an independent, technical, professional organization, dedicated to aerial refueling where annually representatives of all US military services including Air National Guard as well as Air Forces and Ministries of Defense of fourteen other nations gather to discuss aerial refueling topics.

From 1994 to 1996 Avilés supported NAVAIR in Washington, DC and Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD) Indianapolis, IN as an Industrial Engineer Intern where he assisted in the management of the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) of the first five F/A-18E/F airplanes and provided Oracle SQL*PLUS database software design to support aerospace manufacturing machine shops.

Other Teams where Maj Avilés has served for NAVAIR include the Navt Primary Trainers (T-44, T34, TH-57, T-45) FST, and the EP-3E Fleet Support Team (FST) located at the Fleet Readiness Center South East (FRCSE) Jacksonville, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, formerly known as Naval Aviation Depot (NADEP) Jacksonville. He provided systems and structures engineering support to the Navy Primary Trainers and EP-3E fleet.

Major Aviles holds a bachelor of science in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Daytona Beach Campus (1994), and an M.B.A from Webster University, Jacksonville Campus (2002).

Major Avilés resides in the Julington Creek Plantation area located in the town of St. Johns, FL with his wife Jeanette Gilbes and three sons: Jean-Ralph, Nathan, and Brandon.

Lt Bendon

1Lt First Lieutenant Jerry Bendon e-mail

Duty Positions:
- Deputy Commander for Cadets


Residence: Jacksonville, FL

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Lt Toth

1Lt First Lieutenant Toth (David) e-mail

Duty Positions:
- Assistant Deputy Commander for Cadets
- Public Affairs Officer


Residence: St. Augustine, FL

First Lieutenant David Toth was born in New Brunswick, NJ, and has spent most of his life in the north Florida area. Toth first joined CAP in 2013, and quickly moved into the role of Drug Demand Reduction Officer. After conducting several successful activities with the Cadets he began the transition into the Deputy Commander of Cadets position.

Lt Toth has great ideas and vision for our squadron, and is eager to be a strong and supportive leader to our Cadets. Lt Toth recently transitioned to the role of Assistant Deputy Commander of Cadets and also operates as the Squadron Public Affairs Officer.

Lt Toth maintains our social media information and writes news articles for the Squadron. Lt Toth resides in St Johns Florida with his wife Tricia and son Hunter. Toth's son Hunter also attends regular meetings as a Cadet Officer. Lt Toth has been a Scout leader since 2006 completing his journey when his son received the Eagle Scout award in 2015.

Lt Toth enjoys working with our youth to bring necessary life skills and important values to the forefront. Lt Toth has experience in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff, and various other management positions within different organizations. He holds Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's degree in Homeland Security, and will be a valuable asset to our organization.

Lt Toth works for CSX Transportation in Jacksonville Florida as Crew Dispatcher since June 2008.

Maj Henderson

Maj Major Henderson (Wayne)

Duty Positions:
- Legal Officer
- Operations Officer
- Orientation Flights Pilot - Powered and Glider Airplane

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Lt Tosh

2Lt Second Lieutenant Toth (Trish)

Duty Positions:
- Finance Officer


Residence: St. Augustine, FL

First Lieutenant Tricia Toth was born in Kankakee IL, and has spent most of her life in the north Florida area. SM Toth first joined CAP in 2014 and looks forward to assisting the Squadron in their finances. Ms. Toth's son Hunter also attends regular meetings.

Lt Toth has been a Scout Committee Leader since 2006, and enjoys working with our youth to bring necessary life skills and important values to the forefront. Toth has experience in accounting, finances and project management. She holds Bachelor's degree in Business Management. Toth works remotely for Buck Consultants a Xerox company

Lt Toth resides in St Augustine Florida with her husband David and son Hunter.

Capt Sheldon

Capt Captain Beasley (Sheldon)

Duty Positions:
- Logistics Officer
- Supply Officer

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CApt Augenstein

Capt Captain Augenstein (Matt)

Duty Positions:
- Testing Officer
- Orientation Flights Pilot - Powered Airplane


Residence: St. Augustine, FL

Captain (Capt) Matt Augenstein is a teacher at Nease High School where he has been teaching sciece since 2009. Capt Augenstein is also an aviation enthusiast and professional. He hold a commercial pilot license and it is also a ertified flight instructor (CFI). He joined CAP in 2013 and now serves as the squadron testing officer. He is a qualified as CAP transport mission pilot and a cadet orientation pilot.





Senior Member (Officer) positions

There are 47 Duty Assignment positions available to all Senior Members. These positions are lited below.


Aerospace Education
  • Aerospace Education Office
Cadet Programs
  • Cadet Activities Officer
  • Activities Officer
  • Squadron Activities Officer
  • Drug Demand Reduction Officer
  • Squadron Leadership Officer
  • Chaplain
  • Character Development Instructor
Command Section
  • Advisor to the Commander
  • Deputy Commander
  • Health Services Officer
  • Historian
  • Commander
  • Deputy Commander for Cadets
  • Deputy Commander for Seniors
  • Squadron NCO
  • Communications Officer
Emergency Services
  • Disaster Preparedness Officer
  • Emergency Services Officer
  • Emergency Services Training Officer
  • Search and Rescue Officer
Financial Management
  • Finance Officer
General Counsel
  • Legal Officer
Information Technology
  • Information Technologies Officer
  • Web Security Administrator
  • Maintenance Officer
  • Logistics Officer
  • Supply Officer
  • Transportation Officer
Marketing and Public Affairs
  • Recruiting & Retention Officer
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Alerting Officer
  • Homeland Security Officer
  • Operations Officer
  • Standardization/Evaluation Officer
  • Administrative Officer
  • Personnel Officer
Professional Development
  • Professional Development Officer
  • Testing Officer
  • Safety Officer

If you are interested in joining the Civil Air Patrol and become an officer in one of the the specialties listed above please contact a CAP member for more information or visit us at one of our schedule meetings.

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