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Serve Your Community & Country as a Member of St. Augustine Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol Officer Program

Senior Members in Action

Members of Civil Air Patrol take pride in being able to help their community, state and nation through CAP programs and activities. At the same time, they also are able to obtain comprehensive training which is applicable to many every day occupational and vocational pursuits.

One does not have to be a pilot to be a Civil Air Patrol member. Although Civil Air Patrol is an aviation-oriented organization, there still are plenty of activities for non-pilots. On a typical CAP mission, for example, it is estimated that at least five in ground-based jobs are required for each aircraft that is launched.

To learn more about CAP membership for Senior Members, 18 years of age or older please go to

St Augustine Composite Squadron (SER-FL-173)



  • Senior Members interested in the CAP Senior Program curriculum (Emergency Services, Flight/Aircrew Operations, Aerospace Education) will meet on Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
  • Seniors interested in mentoring, assist and participate on Cadet activities, are welcome to join the Cadet Squadron at their regular meetings, which are held at the same time in the adjacent room.
  • Point of contact for the Senior Program is Ralph Aviles, Maj, CAP, Commander (e-mail)

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